Experts in organisational transformation

Companies transform through their people. If you want to make a difference, you therefore have to grow your human capital. There is simply no other way.

You’re a team, or you’re nothing
We deliver unorthodox, large-scale programs for developing your entire organisation in line with your strategy. And, in doing so, creating lasting impact.


People are capable of much more than they realise. Unlocking that potential is crucial to your organisation’s success.

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We create unorthodox spaces in which your people can grow and develop – in line with the strategy.

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We accelerate organisational transformation by bringing your employees and strategy together.

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For 25 years, Amaseu has been energising human capital in an unconventional, profound and enduring way.

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To achieve true rapid transformation, lead your people into the unknown

“This week had more impact on me than any other week in my life.”
Natalie Seatter | Participant
“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
Selim Loukil | Head of Private Equity Portfolio Support Group
“If you want to grow a business, you have to grow people. There is no other way.”
Tex Gunning | CEO
“Our engagement scores went up and our attrition rate dropped.”
Andy Doyle | CHRO
“There’s a difference between having a strategy and people actually owning it.”
Floris de Kort | CEO

All aboard!

Erik-Jan De Rooij
When driving cultural transformation or re-energising your business, involve all your employees.

The only way is up

Wieke Janssen
Not everyone can get to the absolute top – but we can all reach our own personal summit.

Platform for success

Erik-Jan De Rooij
How do you get the best out of your people, in line with your company’s purpose and strategy?

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