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Key to what we do differently is to trigger leaders and employees to feel a sense of amazement and wonder at all the things that are open to them. All the possibilities that are out there. Because when you feel amazed, it is easy to forget past hopes or fears. It sweeps out the debris and clears the way to start creating a new purpose, or goal, ambition and sense of belonging.

Amazing tracks that change people
We trigger this change by taking leaders and employees on amazing journeys – literally and metaphorically, remote and face-to-face. We employ over 25 years of experience and a track record built on working with the portfolio companies of leading PE firms like Advent International, Bain Capital, and others you’ll have heard of. Result: energised teams, rapid transformation and connected, purpose-driven employees who make the change.

Turning a workforce into a movement
Always moving forward, we’re now taking our philosophy to the next level by harnessing HR technology and the power of gamification. So, as well as organising fantastically effective team-building trips for leaders and senior management teams, we can also offer fantastically effective all-employee alignment tools via our app-based transformation platform. The result is an offer that combines amaze-based leadership coaching with amaze-based support to quickly align all employees with the new opportunities.

Get ahead and stay ahead


Transformation Drivers™

Helping organisations transform rapidly through a 10-point framework.

352 Transformation™

A blueprint for tapping into the potential of all your employees.

The holistic flow™

Defining the rhythm of the development process.

Unorthodox spaces for growth™

Not just disrupting routines: throwing them right out the window.

“This week had more impact on me than any other week in my life.”
Natalie Seatter | Participant
“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
Selim Loukil | Head of Private Equity Portfolio Support Group
“If you want to grow a business, you have to grow people. There is no other way.”
Tex Gunning | CEO
“Our engagement scores went up and our attrition rate dropped.”
Andy Doyle | CHRO
“There’s a difference between having a strategy and people actually owning it.”
Floris de Kort | CEO

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