Last updated: 2024-03

Data for the unknown…

At Amaseu, we support people and organizations during their transformation process. We do this so they can become:

  • More conscious
  • More meaningful
  • More powerful

Everybody is invited.

We accelerate organizational transformation by bringing people and strategy together. We create unorthodox spaces for people to grow in line with their company strategy. To support the transformation process, we use the Amaseu Digital Transformation App and registration/implementation platform.

Since 1996, we have taken more than 65,000 people on Transformation Journeys. On our Journey’s, people do not know where they are going, what they will do or where their head will rest that night.

As a reminder, when referring to a ‘Journey’ this refers to any program, meeting, trip, experience or other event that is organized by Amaseu on behalf of you as a ‘Client’ or your company that has retained Amaseu to assist in the transformation process.

To ensure that the Journey is comfortable for you as our ‘Participant’, provides a restful sleep and a homely meal, we need to know about each person to make sure everyone remains safe and is well taken care of during their individual and group experience. By ensuring this, Participants can work and travel with us knowing they can rely on the fact they will be supported and well taken care of.

In this document you can read how we gather, use and keep your data safely before, during and after a Journey. So, grab a cuppa and read on…

Gathering and using your data

When you are invited to participate in a Journey, you will be asked to download the Amaseu Transformation ‘App’ from the Apple App Store or Google play store. In your invitation, you will receive a username and a password for registering yourself on the App, or a link and login details for our registration/implementation platform. We will have access to this initial password provided, but you’re requested to change your password to something unique right after you have registered. We will never store your new chosen password. This will be known only to you. So, store it safely. 

After you’ve signed up and logged in, the App or registration/implementation platform, will ask you to fill all required data in your profile. We ask for the data to optimize your offline and online Journey experience (including a prior or subsequent program, event or meeting). We separate our data in 3 categories:

  • Participation data
  • Transformation data
  • Journey related data

Only the Amaseu team members who operate our internal systems and deliver your Journey experience directly with you, will have access to your data.

Participant data is only shared with external suppliers when it is necessary for Journey logistics, for example: booking flights, hotels, purchasing additional clothing, etc. There are external suppliers that we are legally obliged to share data with, for instance your passport date of entry stamp. We do not share your data with anyone else.

External Journey suppliers are vetted for reliability and confidentiality based on our experience, prior long-lasting relationship and best efforts.

However, in case Amaseu operates a Journey in a country that falls outside the EU, we cannot guarantee that all our relations with external Journey suppliers are fully compliant with EU data transfer rules.

Below, you can read more about the specific type of information we ask of you and why, in each of our categories:

Participation data:

First and last name: We want to be able to address you personally.
Email address: So we can send you an email to ask a question or inform you about the Journey.
Gender: For planning teams and accommodation. It helps us to know the gender division of the Journey group.
Company / Job title / Business unit: To understand your position in the company and create optimal groupings.
Journeys participated: We keep a record of which Journeys you participated in, to optimize content.

Journey data:

Addresses:  Sometimes we have to send things to your business or home address.
Mobile phone: To reach out to you when needed.
Photo: We train our staff to identify participants in groups on a Journey so that we can assist you when your health or safety requires special treatment.
Date of Birth: So we can celebrate with you!  And some suppliers need this for identification.
ID:  Just like you do when you travel on your own, we are legally required to provide valid ID information to hotels, rental car companies and flight operators.We share only forms (XLS files for example) with data, not copies or scans of ID, driver licence, passport. In some cases (for Visa application) we have to share copies of a passport with an embassy, but in these cases, we contact the Participant individually.
Driving License: If necessary for a Journey, we require your driving license number and expiration information to share with our rental car supplier for Journey trips.
Health:  We need to know about your dietary requirements, allergies and other health or medical conditions to properly take care of you with food, transport, accommodation and activities. For some locations we need to know about vaccinations as well. For these reasons, we request your consent to process this health-related data in the App.
Emergency: On the rare occasion should something happen to you, we want to be able to inform the home-front as soon as we can.
Insurance: You travel with us on a Journey at your own risk. Therefore, we need to make sure upfront you are properly insured fort the planned Journey. Also, in case of an incident, we may need to contact your insurance company on your behalf.
Clothing: On most Journeys you will be provided some clothing like shirts, pants, shoes, etc. We ask your measurements to get you the right size. Also, we may need special beds for exceptionally tall Participants.
Interests: In the App you can see your fellow Participants. We encourage you to share your interests to get to know each other a bit before the Journey.
App data:  We can access and analyze the data you enter in the App or our registration/implementation platform.


Most Participants travel with us more than once. For your convenience, we keep your Participation and Journey related data as long as you are part of a company that’s an active Client of ours or a prospect for a future Journey exclusively to reuse it for future events and not for any other purposes. So that we don’t need to ask you again and again. After seven (7) years of inactivity we no longer consider your company an active Client or prospect and Amaseu either deletes or anonymizes this Participation & Journey data.

You can manually delete all your Participation and Journey data in the App, should you so desire. However, please note that this may result in you not being able to participate in an upcoming Journey. Please refer to the chapter on your rights regarding your personal data on how to exercise your rights about your Participation and Journey data.

Transformation data:

Surveys: During a Journey you may be asked to give input on subjects related to the transformation your company is going through. For example, how you feel about the strategy, what you think needs more clarity or how you rate a certain way of working. This data is processed by de-identifying personal characteristics and then aggregated, after which that data may be presented back to you and the transformation leaders in your company.
Personal Development:  You will be able to keep track of subjects, content and achievements that are important for your personal development. This data is not shared with anyone else in your company unless you are directly involved in sharing it.
App use:  The App can keep track of your progress through the real time digital assignments and help you remind yourself to finish and get results.

Pseudonymized information about progress per group/team/department/company can be shared with you or the transformation leaders in your company. Amaseu can see when you last logged in to the App, to check how current your data is. This type of information will only ever be shared pseudonymously and only presented among group metrics


Your Transformation data is stored in Amaseu’s back-end systems for the App for as long as your company is an active Client of Amaseu. Only a restricted number of Amaseu employees have access to the location where the data is stored. This data is never disclosed to third parties, except for parties who help to organise the journeys. Any survey data will only be used to create aggregate and de-identified reports for your company.

Client information

When you as company engage us to implement a Transformation process and provide a Journey, we require some personal data to conclude and execute the partnership agreement with you as our ‘Client’. To this end, we require the following data:

Client contact data: Name, e-mail, phone number, role/function

Financial data: transaction & invoicing data

Amaseu stores Client contact data securely in our systems and retains this data for a period of seven (7) years after the termination of the relationship with Amaseu. Financial data is retained for as long as Amaseu has the meet any legal or statutory obligations to retain that data.


The group of professionals we engage to accompany our Journeys as Amaseu team members are referred to as ‘Contractors’. For our contractual relationship with Contractors Amaseu requires and processes the following data:

Contact details: Name, e-mail, phone number, address

Employment & education data: prior employers, diploma’s, courses, references as retained in major social media platforms like LinkedIn & Facebook.

Financial data: invoices & reimbursements

Because we maintain a loyal group of Contractors that accompany Journeys during many years, we retain Contractor data for a period of seven (7) years after the end of your engagement as Contractor for Amaseu. This allows us to reselect suitable Contractors for future Journeys.

Website visitors

When you visit our website, we may collect certain information for analysis or marketing purposes. Please read our Cookie Policy, which includes information how you can consent or opt-out from any data processing done via our website.

Via our website you can also submit an online query or sign up to our newsletter.

To handle your query we process your name, e-mail address, phone number, job title and (optionally) your company. For our newsletter we require your e-mail address.

We process your data submitted via the website based on our legitimate (business) interest. For queries, we retain your data for a period of two (2) years after which time your personal details are deleted or anonymized. When you’ve signed up for our newsletter, you can at any time opt-out in each newsletter received.

Third Party Data Processors

For certain business activities we require the help of reputable 3rd party tools that may receive personal data to be processed on Amaseu’s behalf. For instance, Amaseu uses a 3rd party to host our e-mail servers and we also have a cloud-based CRM system. These so-called ‘Data Processors’ are selected carefully, and we ensure a data processing agreement is concluded with all.

Clients or Participants that wish to have further insight into the Data Processors used by Amaseu, can file a request as explained in the next section.

Your personal data rights

Under the GDPR and other data protection legislation individuals have extensive rights with regard to their personal data. If you want to view (receive a copy), correct, delete, limit or file a complaint with regard to any data we currently have about you, please send us an email at and we will respond to you within 30 days.

In case you have concerns regarding how Amaseu processes your personal data, please send an e-mail to Should we not be able to come to a common understanding for your concerns, you in all cases have the right to file complaint with the Dutch data protection authority via this link (Dutch only).

Changes to this privacy statement

We may update this statement from time to time. If you are in our database, we will – where possible – inform you about such a change, for instance via the App. The most current version is listed at the top of this statement. As data controller for this privacy statement, you can find Amaseu’s up to date company details via this link at the Amsterdam Trade Register (Dutch only).