Focus on leadership and strategy alignment

At Amaseu, we go to the heart of private equity-driven success: great leadership and aligned employees. And we go far beyond – beyond the numbers, the economics, and the standard consultancy focus on data, vision and implementation. Because we believe that a certain degree of amazement is necessary to open people up. Building positive alignment with a new strategy only happens with an open mind
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Lead by your own people

We strongly believe that transformation should be achieved by and with your own people. This results in a deeper and stronger emotional commitment between the leadership teams themselves and will put the leadership in a stronger position to lead the whole process successfully. This contrasts with many regular transformation consultants. Our experienced Amaseu specialists will guide and coach you throughout the entire process.

A full playbook to align your entire human capital with your strategy

Amaseu offers private equity firms and their portfolio companies a complete playbook to engage their entire human capital with their new business strategies – not just the executive board and leadership teams. Building stronger, more engaged, and better aligned workforces. Our proven people transformation process consists of two steps. We start with life-guided journeys to build strong leadership teams. In step 2, the entire human capital of the company will be aligned with the strategy. This is where we will use our brand-new digital People Transformation Platform, for impactful remote guided journeys.

Live-guided journeys to build winning leadership teams

We believe that change always starts at the top. That’s why the process kicks off with live-guided journeys with the executive team, led by the CEO. The objective of these journeys is to engage and build a winning core leadership team around your strategy. Focusing on purpose, teambuilding, and strategy alignment. A journey kicks off with a pre-trip with the CEO and the Amaseu game leader, helping the CEO to lead and deliver on the new strategy and goals. The live-guided journeys will take you and your team to amazing and inspiring places. Creating the right environment to make a lasting impact and build trust and a strong future-proof team around your strategy. All facilitated by the Amaseu team of experienced facilitators, guides and our amazing operations team. A next step often consists of life-guided journeys for the leadership team, the top 100 or a group of young talents.

Remote guided journeys to engage your entire human capital  

More and more private equity firms are discovering the great importance of the ‘people factor’. Not only because attracting and retaining top talent is becoming increasingly important, but also because the ‘people factor‘ increasingly appears to be the decisive factor in many transformation processes. Already at the inception of Amaseu, our founder Eric-Jan de Rooij had the dream of aligning the entire human capital around the strategy. Back in 1992 Amaseu already took all 25,000 employees of a major bank on a 24-hour journey to align them with the new strategy. It worked, but it required a big investment. Since that time, we have been busy building a digital engagement platform to align your entire human capital with your strategy in an impactful, fun, time-efficient and more cost-effective way. That platform has now arrived.

Let’s write history

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