Natalie Seatter


Natalie, currently an executive vice president in the airline industry, participated in a number of five-day Amaseu journeys as part of the transformation program her company was undergoing.

“I was both surprised and energised at enjoying the company of complete strangers,” she says of her first journey. “Sharing experiences and laughter with people that I barely know has reminded me how simple and enjoyable life can be. Building trust and relationships with the people in the group refocused me on what is important and achievable. This happened so quickly and effortlessly.”

“I received invaluable coaching and advice from other journey participants – my peers – which I continue to reflect on and share with my team in order to develop myself and those around me,” she continues. “As a result, my understanding of who I am, how I wanted to develop, and what I wanted to achieve became crystal clear.”

“All in all, my confidence increased in all areas of my life,” says Natalie. “I became incredibly focused after returning, both in my personal life and at work. It’s safe to say that this week had more impact on me than any other week in my life.”