Success in private equity is built on having an aligned team

Successful PE-owned companies are a breed apart. They run on positive energy generated by leaders and employees who are aligned around a common goal. People who work in harmony, show instinctive understanding of a situation, click with each other, and recognise that, like birds during migration, they go further, faster and with more chance of success when they fly together.

Focus on leadership and alignment
At Amaseu (Amaze You), we go to the heart of PE-driven success: great leadership and enthusiastic employees. And we go far beyond. Far beyond the numbers, far beyond the economics, far beyond the standard consultancy focus on data and vision. Why? Because research shows that 70% of business transformations that fail, fail not because of bad data or a lack of vision. But because transformation is typically something done by external consultants to a company’s employees and leaders. When in fact transformation should be done by and with your own people.

New patterns, new paradigms, new opportunities
What our clients get out of this is more sustainable results, faster and more sustainable growth and increased value creation. More fundamentally, the result is new patterns and new paradigms, new opportunities and new directions. A new and higher performing business that is ready for the exciting PE journey to come:

• Engaged leadership teams
• Emotionally connected employees
• Energised human capital
• Enduring profitable growth

Into the heart and far beyond

In their own words…

Of course we’re convinced we can help you bring deep, lasting transformation to your company. But sometimes it’s better to let other people do the talking. So here’s a collection of stories, written by people ranging from CEOs and CHROs to program participants, on the impact Amaseu had on them and their organisations.


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