Andy Doyle


Andy Doyle was chief HR officer at Worldpay from 2013-2018. During that time, he led many different teams on Amaseu transformation journeys throughout the world.

“I was often asked why we did so many,” he says. “The answer? Our culture. Others can copy our technology, products, pricing and business models. But you can’t replicate culture. Journeys were integral to this, and to making Worldpay a great place to work.”

In a business sector – electronic payments – renowned for its high turnover of people, the Amaseu transformation journeys also brought greater stability. “Our engagement scores went up and our attrition rate dropped,” says Andy. “In fact, our attrition rate fell by 50%. This is extremely important, because it drives value in the long term. Customers get consistency in who they deal with. Teams retain their leaders. Compare that to a situation when a department has three different bosses in 20 months. That’s draining for everyone involved.”

For Andy, it was vital not only to attract and retain brilliant talent, but also to develop the kind of leadership that inspired his people to take the very best of Worldpay and make it even better. “That doesn’t just happen on its own,” he says. “You have to give your people the opportunity to dig deep, take responsibility and get the best out of themselves. And that’s why chose Amaseu as our guides to peak performance. Their programs give us an enormous return.”