Helping you lead confidently on the road less travelled

Let’s get straight to the point. We’re a transformation company with a difference. We will not be offering any predictable, classroom-based programmes. Instead, we take people down the road less travelled, guiding them into the unknown – through our scripted, proven processes – so they can rapidly discover the essence of who they are how they can lead with impact.

We deliver with love, always
We definitely possess a can-do mentality: time and time again we’ve achieved what others considered impossible. We’ll go to extraordinary lengths to make sure your people have experiences that – in many cases – radically redefine their lives, as well as the fortunes of your organisation. All delivered with a passion for transformation that hasn’t diminished one iota in the last 25 years.

• 25 years’ experience • 65,000 participants • 2000+ programs in 33 countries • 62 different participant nationalities

Meet the team

Sandra Buncic

Transformation leader

Sandra’s passion for helping people develop started at a young age. Growing up in an egalitarian Yugoslavia that was torn apart by war, she witnessed first-hand the need for change, personal growth, adjustment and new insight.

Sandra addresses these, and other themes, during the Amaseu transformation programs she leads in extraordinary locations all over the world.

Through these programs, designed so people can discover their best selves and experience lasting change, Sandra is able to positively influence present and future leaders.

Wieke Janssen


Wieke is an enthusiastic leader who strikes the right balance between positivity and realism. He is deeply committed to personal growth, both for himself and others.

Before joining Amaseu in 2019, he spent more than 10 years as (managing) partner and co-owner of an executive search & HR advisory firm. He is therefore specialised in helping talented individuals and organisations reach their full potential.

His beliefs? Long-term focus. Continuous learning. Being bold. And – crucially – having fun along the way.

Erik-Jan de Rooij

Transformation leader

Since establishing Amaseu in 1996, Erik-Jan has constantly challenged the limiting, stifling and impersonal cultures which unfortunately characterise many organisations.

He achieves this through a unique transformation program designed around his own experiences in international team sport, personal development and travelling into the unknown.

As a result, he’s already helped energise numerous companies, including some of the largest multinationals, by giving people the space to discover, develop and grow – in line with the corporate strategy.

Daniel Camoyan

Project Leader

Weronika Zapedowska

Marketing & Digital Comm. Manager

Travelling and being on the move – in keeping with the Amaseu spirit – energises, inspires and motivates Weronika the most. Born and raised in Poland, she’s moved around a lot in recent years. She gained valuable marketing experience working at start-ups in Warsaw, Berlin and Amsterdam, while being exposed to different cultures and perspectives on how people live and work.

And by making sure there’s plenty of freedom and flexibility in her life, she continues to develop and improve herself while doing the things she’s passionate about.

Ingmar de Loor

Senior project leader

Ingmar has a passion for people, and enjoys helping them realise their true potential. Guiding groups through the voyage of self-discovery that is an Amaseu transformation program, even after 20 years, still quickens his pulse.

He also has a leading role at Amazing Operations; the logistics process on which all programs are built. He knows only too well that it’s not only about ensuring everything runs smoothly, but also about astounding participants and making them feel part of something truly extraordinary.

Monika Loncar

Operations- & Master Support

Jana Lastovska

QA Leader

Jana grew up in Latvia, although she lived in the UK, Italy and Switzerland before moving to Amsterdam. What attracted her to Amaseu was the emphasis on helping other people grow and develop. She also saw the same opportunity for herself, through the challenging, multi-faceted and often unpredictable work she carries out.

Jana’s had plenty of experience in group dynamics and personal interaction; together with her 10 brothers and sisters her family could form an entire football team.

Vincent van den Hoogen


With over 20 years’ specialism in shooting reportages, portraits and everyday lives, Vincent has exactly what’s required to capture the magic – interactions, processes, people and places – of a journey.

Vincent and Derek together form the Amaseu Creative Crew. Working inconspicuously and on-the-move, they gather content that is used for books, movies, follow-up programs and any other platform that helps anchor the experiences and heighten the impact of Amaseu transformation programs.

Derek Brookman

Writer and videographer

Communicating the richness and nuances of Amaseu on an ongoing basis has been a challenge that Derek has heartily embraced for more than a decade. In particular, he’s worked very closely with Erik-Jan to distil the Amaseu founder’s philosophy on personal development and growth into everything from books to an on-line course.

Derek and Vincent also form the Amaseu Creative Crew. Working inconspicuously and on-the-move, they gather content that is used for books, movies, follow-up programs and any other platform that helps anchor the experiences and heighten the impact of Amaseu transformation programs.

Yuriy Pasichnyk

Digital Leader

Taking an existing idea and adding value to it through modern technology is something that really gets Yuriy’s pulse racing. His role in leading Amaseu’s transformation into the digital domain allows him to do exactly that.

As he puts it, ‘I take the extraordinary wisdom within Amaseu, plus the programs that have proved so successful in the physical world, and develop software so we can reach more people through online platforms.’

Anne-Brit Voorn

People & Projects

Anne-Brit has a heartfelt connection to personal growth, and loves to contribute to the development and coaching of others.

At Amaseu her main focus is on managing projects and the people side of the company, providing personal support when necessary, creating space and structure for her colleagues, and playing a key role in adding new recruits to our team.

She also draws on her experience in film production and event organisation to support our legendary logistics operations.

Amaseu 2020 Team

Our transformation programs generally involve taking groups of people to extraordinary locations somewhere in the world.

For each location, we put together a team whose focus is to make the experience as profound, smooth and enjoyable as possible for the participants. Each team member contributes something special: local knowledge, outdoor expertise, flow optimisation, logistics wizardry… you name it. Bringing all this brilliance together is what puts the ‘amazing’ into our operations.

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