Platform for success

Strike the optimum balance between control and creativity and watch your organisational health flourish.

Many employees are hampered by the roles and functions their companies give them. And they frequently feel limited by traditional hierarchical structures, which tend to support efficiency rather than acting as a springboard for activating potential.

This can be a big deal. The need for self-development is a basic human trait, and has to be addressed. No matter what situation people find themselves in, they can always progress and improve.

Your challenge is therefore to create a climate in which your people can blossom. Like a football coach, you should make sure you have the right team structure and tactics in place, so that each individual can express themselves and contribute to the overall success.

When, as a leader, you help your colleagues develop their consciousness and capabilities, you will generate unstoppable momentum for your company. Foster a culture based on trust and openness, and ‘political’ bickering and selfish, ego-driven behaviour diminishes. Instead, it’s replaced by a willingness to participate and collaborate, as well as a desire to excel.

You will also notice that structures and systems suddenly become supportive rather than restrictive. People have the freedom to be creative, in line with the company strategy and goals. And when they thrive, your organisation does too.

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