Focus on leadership and alignment

At Amaseu we go to the heart of PE-driven success: great leadership and aligned employees. And we go far beyond. Far beyond the numbers, far beyond the economics, far beyond the standard consultancy focus on data, vision and implementation.

Lead by your own people
We strongly believe that transformation should be done by and with your own people. This results in a deeper and stronger emotional commitment between the leadership teams themselves and will put the leadership in a stronger position to lead the change successfully. This is in contrast to many regular transformation consultants. Our experienced Amaseu specialists will guide and coach you through the entire process. We offer three different leadership development tracks.

Choose your Leadership Development Track©


Executive Leadership Team Coaching Track©

Engage and build a winning core leadership team around your strategy



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Extended Executive Alignment Coaching Track©

Align your top 30 leaders with your strategy



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Extended Leadership Alignment Track©

Align your top 100 leaders with your strategy



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