The only way is up

Not everyone can get to the absolute top – but we can all reach our own personal summit.

Most of us recognise peak performance in sport. When individual athletes or teams perform to the best of their ability, doing things that others are seemingly incapable of, it’s a joy to behold.

It’s possible to establish such a peak performance culture within a company as well. So that everyone embraces the strategy and actively brings it to life.

But for that to happen you need inspirational leadership. Get people excited about where you want to lead them, and they will gladly follow. Don’t get too hung up on results and targets either; every moment you do means less time for developing the potential of your people.

And that’s how you make a fundamental difference. People want to be seen, heard and understood. They are keen to contribute. Their background, experience or skills aren’t important; everyone can develop from where they are now. Accept them for what they are, give them the opportunity to shine, and they will experience amazing personal growth in line with your company’s ambitions.

Of course, peak performance isn’t possible at all times. Usain Bolt doesn’t sprint from dawn to dusk. But by being fully present in the here and now, addressing our limiting habits and tapping into our potential, we can all excel more frequently – and especially during those moments that really count.

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