Go further

Personal development is open to everyone, regardless of background, age or circumstances. You can always go further. But only when you dare to challenge yourself and step into unfamiliar territory; that’s where the discovery and excitement is.


This may make you feel powerless, anxious or even scared. Will you be able to handle the extra responsibility if you get promoted? How will your friends react when you become more self-assured? What about your lack of education or experience?

Don’t worry; have faith in yourself. It’s not important what you’ve learned already or what you – or other people – think your limitations are. Stop thinking in terms of ‘yes, but…’ Think in terms of ‘yes!’ We are all capable of far more than we think we are.

That doesn’t mean we can achieve everything. On your 70th birthday it’s unrealistic to set a goal of winning the New York Marathon. Nonetheless, when you develop yourself in line with your own wishes and expectations, and when you are sufficiently inspired, then you achieve amazing things. It’s really possible to revolutionise your life.

Achieving this kind of lasting transformation is a gradual process. You don’t close your eyes as a caterpillar and open them as a butterfly. And sometimes you’ll take a wrong turn, or lose focus. But persevere. Celebrate successes when they come along. Remain open for new ideas. Refuse to limit yourself.  And, step-by-step, you’ll discover the incredible power you have.

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