Dare to lead

Your most important task as a leader is getting the best out of your people, in line with your company’s purpose and strategy. But how do you convince your team, peers and bosses that you’re worth listening to?

One of the first essentials is to have an aspiring and appropriate vision. If you can’t clearly express where you want to lead people, they simply won’t follow. So develop or sharpen your vision, while being original, imaginative and above all true to yourself.

Actually, having the courage to stay true to your values is central to effective leadership. Be yourself, the saying goes, everyone else is already taken. The better you get to know your own strengths and weaknesses, the more comfortable you become in your decision-making and your interaction with others. Recognising who you truly are generates enormous energy and clarity.

Being a successful leader also means creating space. Set clear boundaries then let your people flourish within them. They can all do much more than they think they can; be the catalyst that helps them realise and then act upon their potential.

Everyone in your company – so not just those at the top – should feel confident and empowered to take initiative, be accountable and support others. Having inspired and engaged employees, rather than an army of automatons who simply do what they’re told, brings real energy and purpose to your organisation.

And never stop challenging yourself. When was the last time you really excelled or did something unexpected – and helped others do the same? Remain open for new ideas. Know when to speak and when to harness the power of silence. Above all, embrace the unknown – that’s where you’ll discover that you can really maximise your impact as a leader.

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