Unorthodox Spaces

Everyone gets stuck in repetitive thought and behaviour patterns. As a result, the companies they work for get stuck as well. But if you want to develop a new culture, to implement a new strategy, to merge cultures after an acquisition, or simply to transform your organisation’s fortunes, you need to shake things up.

Our belief, confirmed through many years of first-hand experience, is that taking people into the unknown is the fastest and most effective way of achieving lasting change. It’s in the unknown where they challenge themselves, confront their fears and limitations, call on abilities and skills they don’t require when they remain in their comfort zones, and start discovering what they are really capable of. In the unknown, you find the space you need to develop and grow.

A central theme in the Amaseu transformation program is to take your people out of reference, keep them on the move and to let them experience the transformational power of being in unfamiliar surroundings. We call these ‘unorthodox spaces.’ They can be physical – for example in some of the world’s most stunning natural environments – but also mental, emotional or spiritual. One way or another, we’ll help you help them break free from the routines and limitations that are preventing them from being everything they can be.

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