• Lisa Franke

    Journey Leader
    Be amazed

    Lisa has been working for amaseu since 2010, providing support before, during and after journeys. She is currently learning the ins and outs of being a journey leader.

    Although the journey itself generally lasts for five days, the team lives in what she describes as an intensive ‘bubble’ for approximately two months beforehand; scoping, preparing, optimizing and basically considering and then planning for every possible eventuality.

    Making sure a journey runs smoothly is such a complex and challenging task that it often feels you’re being asked to make the impossible possible. But this is what Lisa enjoys so much; having the opportunity to amaze yourself, your fellow amaseu team members and the journey participants over and over again.

  • Erik-Jan de Rooij

    “I established amaseu in 1996 because I wanted to help people and companies discover and realize their true potential”
  • Paul Konijnendijk

    "My role gives me the unique opportunity to support and guide leaders to ‘go the distance’, while steering the amaseu team towards peak performance."
  • Sandra Buncic

    Journey Leader
    “Being able to influence present and future leaders while discovering new countries and cultures is a dream come true.”
  • Ingmar de Loor

    Journey Leader
    “One of the great joys of being on a journey is seeing people discover they are capable of far more than they realized. It's an amazing gift.”